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How to Fix Your Own Audio Equipment

It is often much faster and less expensive to repair your audio equipment. However, if you don’t have any background in electronics and I usually do not recommend opening the equipment due to safety concerns. Instead, you should refer any repair to a qualified service facility. Those facilities which are able to repair certain brands are usually listed by the manufacturers. However, you could also go and look at that Yellow Pages and find repair shops. Many repair shops will usually be able to repair most common brands.

If you products that has warranty then obviously the best course of action will be to return the product to the retailer or manufacturer. As long as a product is covered by warranty, the repair or replacement be free of charge. However, sometimes the manufacturer will ask you to pay for shipping at least when shipping the product back to the repair facility. However, shipping usually is a …

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Troubleshooting Tips for Wireless Loudspeakers

If you own a pair of wireless speakers and are having problems then read this tutorial. Even though I am not going to be able to talk about a specific model of speakers, I will give some general advice which you can use to troubleshoot 90% of problems.

First of all, when purchasing wireless speakers I always recommend to purchase a model that avoids frequencies that are used by other wireless devices in your home. You may be using a wireless network. Nowadays most wireless networks transmit the signal either at 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz. First of all, figure out which frequency band your router uses. You can do so by going into the router menu and then to the wireless section. There you will find which frequency band is active.

If both frequency bands are being utilized then I suggest disabling one band. If you are disabling the 2.4 GHz band you can go …

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How to Repair an Audio Amplifier

Sometimes audio products will break. One of the most commonly used product is an amplifier. In some cases, you don’t have to send the unit back to the manufacturer to be repaired if it breaks. Instead, you might want to choose to do the repair yourself. However, I would caution you against pairing any type of product.

Some repairs might because medic. If you have scratched the enclosure of the amplifier then you can simply cover the scratch with some tape. Also, you can apply some paint instead. However, if the amplifier doesn’t work anymore then you will have to investigate the problem.

First of all, check whether the amplifier has power. Most amplifiers will have some sort often indicator that allows you to tell whether power supply to the amplifier. If this indicator is not on after you turn on power, then there’s a power related problem. If the power amplifier uses an external wallwart …

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How to Shop for Wireless Speakers This Season

There are good news and bad news during this holiday shopping season. The good news is that you are able to purchase cutting-edge products which just have hit the market this year. In other piece of good news is that you can get great deals on certain days such as black Friday or cyber Monday. The bad news is that this is the busiest shopping season and as a result stores are usually crowded and shipping takes a long time. I will look at ways of avoiding big crowds whilst shopping for wireless speakers.

Technology certainly has come a long way. There are more and more wireless gadgets out there. One of the products that has gained huge popularity these few decades are wireless speakers. There are models based on Bluetooth is well as speakers using other technologies. Before purchasing four speakers, it is always a good idea to do proper research. You want to …

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How to Play Music on a Smart Phone

These days, smart phones are probably the most common device for storing and playing music. However, unless you know how to use a smart phone and more importantly how to use the built-in player, you will not be able to use this functionality. Also, before you can start playing music, you will have to store music on your phone. This step can be quite complicated depending on your model. Follow the next few tips to learn how.

If you haven’t purchased a smart phone yet, I recommend purchasing one with a large amount of internal storage. The more storage you have, the more songs you will be able to put on your phone. Obviously, ideally you will want to put your entire music collection on your phone. However, you can also purchase a phone that has a slot for inserting of a memory card. Those phones are usually cheaper than those with large internal storage. Since …

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How to Avoid Conflicts When Streaming Audio

Portable audio devices such as MP3 players and tablets are becoming more and more popular. In fact, the PC market has been declining due to the increase in portable devices. One killer application which has contributed to the popularity of these portable devices is streaming of audio. Let me go into detail what this entails. Streaming usually refers to moving or broadcasting some information in particular audio information from one device to some other location such as loudspeakers. In fact, streaming can be used for a lot of contacts but in this post I’m referring to sending audio data from a storage device to some speakers.

ifinity wireless speakers

Streaming can be done by using a network cable or by using a wireless signal. You can think of streaming as simply transferring data. However, streaming has some challenges which have to be addressed which are less rigid when it comes to simply transferring data packets. In particular, streaming audio …

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