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Date archive for: August 2015

How to Avoid Conflicts When Streaming Audio

Portable audio devices such as MP3 players and tablets are becoming more and more popular. In fact, the PC market has been declining due to the increase in portable devices. One killer application which has contributed to the popularity of these portable devices is streaming of audio. Let me go into detail what this entails. Streaming usually refers to moving or broadcasting some information in particular audio information from one device to some other location such as loudspeakers. In fact, streaming can be used for a lot of contacts but in this post I’m referring to sending audio data from a storage device to some speakers.

ifinity wireless speakers

Streaming can be done by using a network cable or by using a wireless signal. You can think of streaming as simply transferring data. However, streaming has some challenges which have to be addressed which are less rigid when it comes to simply transferring data packets. In particular, streaming audio …

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