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How to Repair an Audio Amplifier

Sometimes audio products will break. One of the most commonly used product is an amplifier. In some cases, you don’t have to send the unit back to the manufacturer to be repaired if it breaks. Instead, you might want to choose to do the repair yourself. However, I would caution you against pairing any type of product.

Some repairs might because medic. If you have scratched the enclosure of the amplifier then you can simply cover the scratch with some tape. Also, you can apply some paint instead. However, if the amplifier doesn’t work anymore then you will have to investigate the problem.

First of all, check whether the amplifier has power. Most amplifiers will have some sort often indicator that allows you to tell whether power supply to the amplifier. If this indicator is not on after you turn on power, then there’s a power related problem. If the power amplifier uses an external wallwart then I would suggest measuring the voltage of the wallwart. Ensure that the voltage that you measured at the DC jack matches the number on the label which is printed on top of the power supply.

If you don’t have a reading of the correct voltage then you will have to swap power supply. I highly suggest not to open the power supply because in proper modifications can easily cause a fire hazard.

If the amplifier has an internal power supply then chances are that the fuse has blown. The first step in repairing power is to remove the fuse which is usually located right next to the power cord at the back of the amplifier. Then do a visual inspection to figure out whether has been broken. If so then you can replace it with a similar fuse. After he you replace the fuse retest the amplifier. If it still doesn’t work then recheck the fuse which you have just placed. If the fuse also has blown then there is an internal problem which I recommend you refer to a qualified professional.

If you do have experience in repairing electronic devices then you might want to attempt opening up the amplifier. Obviously, if the unit is still under warranty then I suggest to instead send back to the manufacturer for repair. If you do open the unit be sure not to damage any cables. Then do a visual inspection of the circuit board to find any components which might be discolored. Those components usually have blown and must be replaced.

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